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FM (Uk)


Its a rare occurrence when the Brits find an American television concept interesting enough that it gets a remake in the UK. However FM is just such a beast. The original FM ran for 13 episodes on NBC back in 1989/1990, about a small radio station in DC and the idiosyncrasies station's crew. With FM (UK), ITV takes the same concept, switches out London for DC, and staffs the radio station with the likes of Chris O'Dowd (The IT Crowd), Nina Sosanya and Kevin Bishop (The Kevin Bishop Show).

Like ITV's The IT Crowd, FM (UK) is a complete riot, and every episode features a performance from Europe's indie-rock scene. I am not very versed in the ins and outs of the Euro indie-rock scene, however, all of the four performers to make the show so far, have been pretty damned good. So good laughs and good music seems to be the MO for the remake, and it is a formula that has worked out surprisingly well.

FM (UK) is top notch through and through, and is currently 2/3 way through it's first series. Fans of British humor, do yourselves the favor and check this one out.