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Topic: Neagan is totally annoying

I dont get all the hype about Neagan.

Am I the only one who is totally annoyed by him?!

All this swearing and saying fuck 20 times in a row is so getting on my nuts.

No normal person even talks like that. Fuckedy fuck I fucking hate this fucking fucked up fuck.

He already got on my nerves in episode 1.

His cynicism isn't funny or original. He doesn't come across like a psychopath either. Really weak acting imo.

During the entire episode 4 I thought why cant this asshole simply shut up?!

I hope that we won't see too much of him. I cannot stand this anymore.

Is Neagan ever serious or acts normal?

He really is the most annoying character I have come across in a long time.

He annoys me even more than Zac from The Strain.

The guy who plays Neagan probably thinks he's gonna get a grammy for his performance after being hailed

at the end of season 6. Already then he annoyed me. In fact he already annoyed me when he first opened

his mouth. I really don't get why everybody seems to love him.

Imagine how could this would have been:

Neagan knocks at the gate with his bat. You see his shadow behind the gate.

Rick walks out with a machine gun and without warning turns Neagan into swiss cheese.

This would have been the laugh of the year.


Btw, Rick is a total idiot. Does he really think that this could ever work for a longer period of time?

No matter what his group does the saviors will always want more. What if one of them decides

to rape a woman? Or what if Neagan decides he wants Rick's daughter?

Rick's just stupid.

Carl's also stupid. He was lucky that Neagan didin't punish him for pulling the gun. Does this little

prick really think that they stand a chance against the saviors? He must be smoking crack.


Why doesn't the group simply decide to kill Neagan? Killing him wouldn't be hard at all.

Sure, after that they would die, too, but at least they'd take Neagan with them.

Why don't they build some bombs and then act as suicide bombers?

This way they could do a lot of damage next time the saviors arrive and take out Neagan and

many of the others.

If they decide to fight then suicide bombing would be a good option.

Or why doesn't the nerd build some powerful flame throwers?

Imagine how quickly and easily they could take out a huge number of saviors.

All they need is get a good shot and get as many saviors as possible standing close to each other.

One hit with the flame thrower could probably fry 20 saviors at once. Lights out baby. Way more effective

than guns.


Neagan's got nothing on her.

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Re: Neagan is totally annoying

I don't think Rick wants to risk hurting or killing Daryl.  If it weren't for Daryl being held hostage with the saviors there are a number of things they might do, or have done differently.

Who thinks Neagan is so special?  Not me that's for sure.  This season has disappointed me so much.  A couple episodes ago I skipped through most of it only watching a few minutes here and there along the way.  Neagan and the saviors are akin to Vandal Savage (DC's Legends of Tomorrow) in the sense that the villains are too hard to kill or beat.  I don't care for the character or his tongue gestures.

I understand from chatter, from people I gather have read the comic books, that Rick's acting like this on purpose, for a reason, and that it will be revealed later.  I have no idea what it is but it gives me hope that this unsatisfactory situation will improve and things will start looking up again.

I hope so, otherwise I'll just have to dump the show and move on.


Re: Neagan is totally annoying

You're definitely on point LuC because there are reasons behind Rick's behavior that I believe will be revealed real soon. So far this season has followed the comics pretty closely since the arrival of Negan, even down to the dialogue, and if things continue, as I expect it will, it will get really good once we get around (a more than likely) condensed version of March To War and All Out War - Parts 1 & 2. The thing about Negan is that he stretches across 10 volumes, first appearing in Issue #100, Vol. 17 Something To Fear, and is still active in the comics. Whether people despise him or not one thing's for certain, he ain't going anywhere any time soon.



Re: Neagan is totally annoying

I think that Maggie and Carol might be the ones to pull the group out of the hole.  Maggie being at the Hilltop and carol being at the Kingdom.  Cause the only way to beat them is as a total group.

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Re: Neagan is totally annoying

If Neagan and his group are going to be the major enemy for the next few seasons then I wonder how this is
supposed to look like.

I mean if all we get to see if small fights between the saviors and Rick's + Ezekiel's people then this wouldn't be very

They cannot drag this out for too long.

What bothers me is that there's little progress in every episode.
If you watch the entire season at once then this is more bearable than watching one episode at a time.

They have too many plotlines in this season. If they increase the pace then it'll feel like they're rushing through it.
If they keep it slow then the plot will hardly make any progress which will also suck.

Having too many places where they jump back and forth is also not good. Alexandria,Hilltop,Kingdom,Savior's place
is too much.

I also worry that season 7 might end as unsatisfyingly as season 6. After all if Neagan isn't going to be defeated in the
near future then season 7 more or less has to end with a cliffhanger.

Neagan's got nothing on her.

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Re: Neagan is totally annoying

A) Read the comics. B) "No normal person even talks like that" (s)he says about a supervillian in a zombie apocalypse universe C) The following really is a spoiler (from the comics) and you shouldn't read it, but for anyone else playing along:


no-one said Negan is going to be the major villain for a few seasons, just that he's still active in the comics.


Re: Neagan is totally annoying

I read that TWD is losing viewers.

I think that Neagan plays a role. I read comments online where other people also said that Neagan's way over the top.
Whoever writes the dialogues should be fired.

Neagan's got nothing on her.


Re: Neagan is totally annoying

well like the people said it is very close to the comics sooo... should they fire Kirkman?

Here for example the Death Scene of Episode 7x01 out of the Comics dubbed with the episode sound:

But since each episode so far is exclusively at one setting (Alexandria / Kingdom / Hilltop / Saviors) I also got a little annoyed
by it and decided to binge watch it after the midseason finale airs.


Re: Neagan is totally annoying

I had to skip through ep6, what a boring episode, just like almost every episode so far this season. No wonder they are losing viewers.

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Re: Neagan is totally annoying

Episode 6 was a slap in the face of all viewers.
I simply cannot believe that they have the nerves to make such an episode.
This shit is boring as hell. Not only is it boring there also does not happen anything at all!

I don't even remember who Ezekiel was anymore. Do you?
Or do you remember what Carol looks like? I don't. It feels like an eternity.
I probably have to rewatch episode 1 again once they finally stop with this filler shit.

Do you think we'll even get to see Ezekiel at least one more time in the entire season?!?!

I want to at least know if he banged Carol and if they're together now, but maybe this will not be "revealed"
until the next season. After all you got to have some suspense....

I am so glad that Vikings is coming back. At least one weekly series which you can look forward to.

If you just watch the entire season in one afternoon while being half asleep and binging on junk food
then this is halfway tolerable. Then you can just look over the fact that they are STALLING all the time
and dragging out the story like chewing gum. BUT if you watch this shit from week to week then this is
pure torture.
It upsets me so much that I have to keep watch of my blood pressure.

I really hope that they pay for this. I hope people start dropping the show. They deserve a punishment.
Obviously they think that they can get away with anything.

I bet that the winter break cliffhanger will also be completely unsatisfying and a slap in the face of the viewers.

"You thought you were gonna find out what happened to Daryl, Carl and Jesus and wether the geek was able to produce a bullet? Not this year. See you in 2017, fools!"

Neagan's got nothing on her.