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Topic: How should TWD end?

I really wonder what would be a "satisfying" end?

Will there be a happy end where the group finally finds a safe place and everything will be fine?

Or will they find a cure and everything will be fine, too? I doubt that.

Or will it be a really hopeless end? For example in the very last few minutes of the last episode
you see Rick being devoured by a group of walkers and then the camera zooms out and you see
Carl staring unbelievingly at what's happening to Rick while he's being surrounded by zombies without
any realistic chance to escape. Then you hear a last scream before the closing credits.

Or maybe they'll totally surprise us with something like this here:

You hear some faint noises. Some kind of steady beeping. Then you see a white ceiling but the picture is very
unsharp. Then it becomes sharper.
It's a 1st person view. You don't know yet whose eyes you're staring through.
The view moves from side to side and then you realize it's a hospital room.
There are flowers standing on the nightstand and on the other side of the bed there's an infusion stand.

Then you hear a knock on the door. The door opens. Lori, little Carl (animated with CGI) and Shane walk in.

Lori: Rick! How are you? We were really worried about you. There have been complications during the surgery.

Shane: Hey bud! Good to see you're back from the dead.

Carl: Dad! I thought you were gonna die! *weeps a bit*

Rick: Complications? Surgery?! Where am I?

Shane: In the hospital! Don't you remember?! You were shot on duty. You're lucky for still being alive. You were
in a coma for almost 3 weeks!

Rick: What?!?!?

Lori: Rick, what's wrong with you? You scare me! Shall I call the doctor?

Rick: No, I'm fine, I guess. I'm just confused. It feels like I've been away for an eternity. Damn my head hurts!
It was like I was trapped in a nightmare. It felt so real. There was a zombie apocalypse! Almost all humans
died or they were turned into zombies. We called them walkers, you know? Cause all they do is walk around stupidly
and try to eat humans. It was so horrible.

Lori! You died while giving birth to our daughter!!
Well actually it wasn't my daughter! It was Shane's daughter cause Shane impregnated you while I was missing.
You thought I was dead but I wasn't dead.

After Lori was dead I got together with Michonne. Man, she had a fine ass! She was incredible. Whew...

(For a moment Rick seems to be lost in memories. He emptily stares at the wall with a smile on his face) (Lori clear's
her throat while looking pretty pissed at Rick)

Rick: Oh yeah, were was I? Ah yes, Shane also didn't make it. I killed him. I had to cause he wanted to kill me.
I'm sorry Shane but you  left me no choice. You were a real asshole. You just couldn't handle that I was back and
that Lori was now all mine again. That was totally not cool.

And Carl! My little Carrrrrl. You lost one eye by being shot in the head. And your hair was really long. God, it was
so awfully long and greasy. All the time I was thinking cut off that damn hair!
And then you were wearing this hat all the time. This silly hat! It looked so stupid but I didn't want to say anything
in order not to offend you. Every day I was praying God please make him lose this hat. Just make it disappear.

And then there was this totally insane madman. His name was Neagan. He had a baseball bat with barbwire wrapped
around it. He slaughtered two of my people. It was so horrible. He made me cry like a little baby. He almost made me
cut off Carl's arm with my own axe! I almost soiled my pants. But Carl was much braver than me. He just said "Dad,
just do it!".
Carl, I am so proud of you!
You have become a real man!

Or one time there was a bunch of bad guys. They were pointing guns at us. One guy wanted to rape Carl!
He had him already on the ground, trying to mount him! He was sooo close to raping Carl. Oh Carrrrl!

(Camera pivots over to Carl. He looks like he's just been struck by a lightning).
(Camera moves back to Rick. He's totally in the zone now relishing every memory).

But then I turned bezerk and sunk my teeth into this one guy's throat!
I ripped a huge chunk out of his neck. There was a fountain of blood. He looked at me in total unbelief.
I guess he didn't saw this one coming. He just messed with the wrong guy. You guys should have seen this!

Then I went over to the other guy who wanted to rape Carl. I gutted him with a knife. I sliced him open from
his balls up to his neck while staring him in the eyes. It was pretty freaking intense. Seriously, you don't know how
this feels like unless you do it. I really wouldn't want to have missed this experience. I mean when do you ever get
the chance to gut a guy who just wanted to rape your kid? This is priceless.

First Carl was kinda disturbed by it but later on he understood that I saved him from being raped. He really came
to appreciate it. I think it also made him more mature.

Oh boy, there's so much more I could tell you. This was one really messed up dream!

Lori: Oh Rick! This sounds awful! Now you're safe with us. No more bad dreams! I promise.

Carl: Yeah Dad! No more bad dreams!

Rick: Thanks guys. I can't wait to get back on duty and shoot some walkers. Eh, I mean people.

They all start laughing. Then the camera zooms out of the room.

Neagan's got nothing on her.


Re: How should TWD end?

oh god no! Not a "It was all a dream"

The producers recently went on the record and said they have no end in mind....

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Re: How should TWD end?

proteinnerd wrote:

oh god no! Not a "It was all a dream"

The producers recently went on the record and said they have no end in mind....

Why not?

This would actually open up a lot of opportunity for a sequel.

A sequel could feature Rick's way to recovery. After his traumatic experience he suffers from nightmares
and continually relives everything what happened to him. This gives the producers the chance to keep all the
known characters back on the show!

For example Rick could run into Glenn who's just delivering a pizza. It's like a total mindfuck for poor Rick.

It's like a constant walk between nightmare and reality. Rick's losing it and killing people on duty thinking
they are walkers. He tries to hide from everybody that he's going more and more insane. He's also no longer
carrying a gun as police officer. Instead he walks around with a hatchet.

In secret Rick's building an underground bunker preparing for the zombie apocalypse, which he believes is inevitable.
Once it's finished he plans on taking Lori and Carl into the bunker if necessary against their will. He is willing to do everything necessary to ensure their survival.

Carl's also suffering cause before Carl goes to sleep Rick always sits on his bed and tells him little stories about what happened in his dream. Carl's starting to wet his bed and show signs of serious disturbance.

Lori also got problems. She's not happy with the marriage anymore. Rick is starting to really get on her nerves with
his crazy talk. She thinks about leaving him. She's also sexually frustrated cause Rick's suffering from erectile dysfunction
as a part of his PTSD and also because he's on a cocktail of antidepressants and antipsychotics.

She goes to Shane for comfort, which quickly turns into a wild love affair with wild, decadent, explicit love making scenes.
In every episode you get to see at least 1 breathtaking scene with Shane and Lori.

But Rick is become suspicious. He assumes she might be cheating on him and starts to follow her while being on his job.
It's only a matter of time until he'll find out that Shane's humping his wife.

The viewers just know that something BAAAD is about to happen towards the end of season 1 as the tension slowly becomes unbearable on: "Waking dead - the real nightmare's just beginning....".

Neagan's got nothing on her.

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Re: How should TWD end?

It ended cringy big_smile Tho this last season was rather good, compared to like 5 previous ones.

But the best is that they are not done with this dead horse, TWD ended, but in reality they split it into... 3 new series. At least one of them sounds kinda interesting - Dead City. Rick & Michonne series I'm pretty sure will be unbearable garbage. And Daryl Dixon series sound something ultra fishy - "Daryl finds himself in France" - France? That France on the other side of the ocean?


Re: How should TWD end?

twd should end quickly

"Au naturel maybe, thats the way i like it. Swing low, sweet chariots." Creed Bratton


Re: How should TWD end?

dominar wrote:

twd should end quickly

Or a few years ago.  And when I say a few, I mean a lot.

2020.  Meh.


Re: How should TWD end?

I have adopted a new content rule for myself. No more zombies. No more superheroes.  No more Star Trek.  No more Star Wars.

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Re: How should TWD end?

Maybe you missed the fact that it literally ended yesterday big_smile I watched max a half of it, I always fast forwarded all cringe dialogues and that's at least a half.

That Dead City could be an ok background noise, zombies are evolving to climb the walls and use tools. Sadly there still will be the ultra annoying Maggie.


Re: How should TWD end?

Above people were talking like it's still running.


Re: How should TWD end?

I've watched every episode and I'm glad it's over now. cool


Not sure why they introduced 'smart' zombies in the last season.

But I'll tune back in to the upcoming spin-off shows. I hope they'll be better than https://next-episode.net/fear-the-walking-dead - which has become quite bad, sadly.

And I really, really hope that https://next-episode.net/black-summer gets more seasons!

bvereshagen wrote:

I have adopted a new content rule for myself. No more zombies. No more superheroes.  No more Star Trek.  No more Star Wars.


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Re: How should TWD end?

The show ended as basically a series of contractual obligations. Make sure all the principals survive for their cash-in spinoffs and around and around we go.....

They barely even got rid of some of these "newer" characters that made zero impression on me. Tin arm guy? FFS he's been loitering around for years now. The deafos? Boring as shit. A small frail DEAF woman survived 10+ years in the wild when she couldnt even hear a zombie if the mofo was standing right goddamn behind her? OK, sure. Let everyone live to maximise future earnings potentials. FFS they even let the latest in a looooonnng line of


dickhead governors off the hook so she can pop up a bit later in a spinoff.