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And Veronica Mars lives on: CW Seed, The CW’s digital-only studio, announced Monday they’re launching a Veronica Mars spin-off starring Ryan Hansen called Play It Again, Dick.

The show will be co-written and produced by Mars creator Rob Thomas and will star Hansen as himself as he tries to get the character he played on Mars, Dick Casablancas, a spin-off of his own. What this means, Marshmallows? Expect to see multiple guest appearances by Veronica Mars alums as Hansen tries to get them in on the faux project.

Play It Again, Dick is set to debut on CW Seed later this summer.

Not sure about this one


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So it'll be a web series? Anyway a horrible idea imo. He was like the least interesting character from the main cast. I'd prefer a show centered on Mac or basically any other person from the main group.



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Anyone seen this?