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Topic: Dark Matter


In Dark Matter, the crew of a derelict spaceship is awakened from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board. Facing threats at every turn, they have to work together to survive a voyage charged with vengeance, betrayal and hidden secrets.

Pilot was a big meh. Not a huge fan of the premise


amnesia and former bad guys trying to play good guys - yeah, that's so original

or the crew. I like the oldschool ship interiors, but the CGI scenes (especially FTL) looked pretty cheap.



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Yea, not impressed with it at all

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It has worked many times before, which is why this premise keeps coming back. I'll give it a few eps to see how it is handled here. If done well, it will be a keeper.


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Considering the lack of sci fi shows actually playing, I'm happy to give it a try for a bit longer....I didn't think it was that bad for a pilot episode, sure it wasn't an original concept but what is these days?

Pretty much everything has been done in some way or another before and it was better than a lot of the other crap that has been running for years.


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Thought the pilot was fine, looking forward for more!

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It was OK and I too will give it a few more episodes.


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I need more sci fi shows in my life, so i really want this to be good.  I haven't read the books this is based on but the first ep was worth it to me ;-)


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scifi addict also but this show didnt really suck me in yet, it felt pretty cheap. ill give it a try, hopefully it gets better


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It was standard in a good way. If it had a bit more comedic values and different actors, it could have put a toe in the "Firefly" territory. (I know, I know...)

Added to watchlist.

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Yeah, there was a Whedonesqe vibe at work there. Many TV writers are followers of Joss.


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i miss Euerka sad now that was a show!

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InaFina wrote:

i miss Euerka sad now that was a show!

So you post once in three years. Where have you been? Welcome back, please stay longer.

...where did I put that rat's ass I could give?

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I actually enjoy this show.. There being such a lack of anything sci fi around, this might atually turn out to be good.


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It is not great, but it is good enough...

... so far.

I like most of the characters with #1 being the exception. I can't stand the "compulsive good guy behavior without even giving it a second thought" type of characters. Maybe he will get a bit more tolerable as he regains some his memory or just has some plain character growth, but somehow I doubt it.


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Wasn't for me, but I did find Killjoys from the ads on this show.


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Anyone else noticed that a new sci-fi show results in a lot of MIA n-e members showing up again? big_smile



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Sci-fi show.
Sci-fi show.
Sci-fi show.



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haha who else came back for this thread? I dont know if im back. we will se smile
I like the show but i think they are taking it to fast, like that kiss. They talked 3 times now theyr kissing. and we all know that would happen, so predictable jeez :S

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not really my cup of tea either yet, character developement is kinda slow and it still has this cheap feel, maybe just demanding too much, anyways i still hope it gets somehow better, will keep watching.


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not bad not good ill give it a change


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It's what we usually get for "Summer Sci Fi", shows that have potential but often make a few good moves then crash and burn. This one is still in the air but it is not yet stable.


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It got some nice things to it. sure it lacks a few things too but overall I feel like it is worth the watch so far.


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It's not a bad show. Don't like the effects used when you see the ship go in and out of FTL though, looks like it was just done in flash.


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It's not perfect but it hasn't insulted my intelligence too much so far. It is nice to have a space ship based Sci Fi show to watch again. How long has it been?



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it kinda insulted me with those "zombie" like creatures.. wtf!