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I'm glad they went with the storyline that the did with this episode getting Micheal in on the team to take down division. It made sense that the guy was working on Percy's orders and I like how it played out over the course of the episode. This is the first time that I got done with an episode and actually was looking forward to the show being on next year (if it is). Overall I thought it was a decent episode and I'm liking the direction the show is going.

I don't personally care about the Micheal+Nikita romance, but I'm glad that if they are going with them together there doing it now, and I hope that will be the end of it and not something dragged out. I was re-watching the last season of Scrubs and shows should learn from how that played out there together but no one makes a big deal about it.


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mmm i liked this episode.
Kazim part was kinda predictable, but when you watch plenty of spy shows most of the stuff will be predictable in the end tongue

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Nice progress. smile



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Indeed - nice episode and good storyline development smile

Only thing that bugged me - worst station logo placement ever:






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