Topic: The wait is almost over ..

So, after waiting for about 6 weeks now, are there any die hard Lost fans left out there? (or is it just dryponder) wink
I was wondering if that LOSTless time gave the opportunity to fans to migrate/try other shows ...
I already stated that I don't like the show that much anymore, but I'm observing people around me, and when I tell them that there'll be a new episode this week - the reaction is almost none.

Have Lost lost it's charm? Or maybe it's just me ...



Re: The wait is almost over ..

Die hard fan present.

I don't like to admit it, but yes, the 2nd season has lost some of the 1st season charme/story telling/exitement. I dont know what it is really.

But stil, Lost is my nr. 1.


Re: The wait is almost over ..

me me me me me!
smile I agree with Netto lost is still #1


Re: The wait is almost over ..

Season 2 isn't quite as thrilling I have to say, it's all getting a bit 'meh' for me now...still loving it though and still super excited for the new episode big_smile

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Re: The wait is almost over ..

Lost is not Lost!!

Dont think, drink.


Re: The wait is almost over ..

I agree, Lost has lost some of its touch but I'm still a fan and can't wait. big_smile


Re: The wait is almost over ..

I'm still a fan too wink

And I hope the show gets even better. The last 6 weeks were way to long...



Re: The wait is almost over ..

i think its because the whole tale section story hasn't been too great, and because its been stretched out over so many episodes, its made the show a little boring. also, there hasn't been enough information about the cliffhangers (like why do they have to keep pressing the button?) to keep us intrested.