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dno if this is official title.
Liked the twist in the case, him testing his boundaries and then regrettting what he did was more of the same

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The patient always seemed like he's lying but at some point I figured maybe he's just always like that. Towards the end I was thinking that all he said was all probably true all along (besides the drug rehab thing) so the twist ended up getting me off-guard anyway. He did a good job acting someone who's lying.

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I hope that wasn't the last we'll see of was a fantastic twist, and though it'd be far fetched for him to return, it'd still be great...and I liked seeing him and Joan of Arcadia together again.


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I actually had the feeling that he might be a very bad person... I usually get that feeling when people are talking about how God have changed them... so in the end I was surprised, but more of a "wow, I was right"-surprise..