Topic: No New Episode 1/28/11

err this is pretty much just a copy and past from the Supernatural thread...but figured it should get out their incase people were wondering what was going on and they don't watch Supernatural

CW is pushing back new episodes a week so they can reair TVD and Nikitia that aired tonight to also air tomorrow. Apparently in 2 cities the show didn't air because of elections/basketball game and it's also went against American Idol...so by some logic or another they decided to help TVD and Nikitia ratings by reairing them tomorrow...I don't follow the logic but that's what their doing.

So pretty much fans of Smallville and Supernatural get screwed in the deal.

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Re: No New Episode 1/28/11

Smallville will conclude its 10-year run with a two-hour series finale on Friday, May 13.