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Topic: The acting

I've been watching this show in quite a fast tempo now, and I'm getting more and more annoyed by Sam's lousy acting. His facial expressions just suck big time  lol  Sure when there is no special acting necessary he's ok, but when he has to be angry/scared/surprised...

Dean is much better (although not specially good or anything) and so is Bobby (like him from Deadwood).

Or am I the only one here?



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Most of the shows I watch I try and forget about the level of acting, as it's normally pretty poor.  Shows like Supernatural don't need any Oscar-level actors and I think Sam and Dean mostly pull off what the roles require.

I wouldn't want to see either of them getting therapy from Gabriel Byrne though smile

2020.  Meh.


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I watch supernatural for the story not the acting. It's never stood out as terrible, but then again, I've never really thought about it either.....damn you, next time I watch it, thats all I'm going to be thinking about!


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Haha sorry! I can usually also look past the acting, but facial expressions is my thing I guess. It's not thát bad ofcourse.

Still like the show though, at season six now wink



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I guess you should watch some German shows. Then you would grant an instant Oscar to Sam and Dean big_smile

BTW IMHO the acting of the brothers is quite well.
If you haven't watched 6x11 yet don't open the...


And how Sam (the character) acted to express emotions while he had no soul but tried to fake it was also genious wink We'll see how it changes now since he got is soul back but with a Hell-FireWall. Even more facets could come to the surface.

So no - of all shows currently on tv the acting in Supernatural is rather great.



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Sure, when they don't have to show any emotions they're good, but when Sam has to do it, no sorry, it's not good smile

But the others characters are mostly pretty great indeed, especially Crowly (or maybe his character is just awesome)



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I think Jensen Ackles is a hell of an actor.My opinion of course

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He's really superbly casted as Dean, but otherwise his range seems to be limited. My Bloody Valentine 3D and Dark Angel had him pretty much as Dean-ish.


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First serves as the second if situation requires, but only if properly prepared first (emptied).
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