Topic: 4x09 - Something's Coming [Spoiler]

It's been a while since somebody posted here. Are there any loyal fans of this show here? I'm one of them and I really enjoy this show. It's fresh and entertaining.
But it was kinda surprise when a big tornado hit the street and left a big devastation. It shaked things up big time and many story lines will be altered. I didn't think that this huge change was necessary, everything was just fine.
Also the CGI was pretty amazing smile

Too bad that there is just one more episode left due to the WGA strike with no airdate yet.



Re: 4x09 - Something's Coming [Spoiler]

I thought that it was a really good episode.  The end was such a shock!

I think that the show has needed something to change the story line for a while.  It was getting quite boring.