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Topic: 4x12 *spoilers*

Pretty good episode. I always love when Casey and Morgan have their "talks". Sarah's looking pretty hot as with black hair.

I'm liking this new story line w/ her going the same way as Chuck's mom did. It's slowly coming back and getting better.  big_smile

Also, that bodyguard looks just like the bodyguard of "La Ciudad" from season 1. Prob. is the same guy. . .


Damn. Seeing Casey fall sucked. I hope the writers don't keep him down for too long.

Alex was pretty hot in Morgan's Back to the Future t-shirt too. . .   smile

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Re: 4x12 *spoilers*

Waaaaiit fooor iiiiit...



Re: 4x12 *spoilers*

imo i said some time ago i won't say IT any more. sorry to dissapoint you O-Man.

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