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Las Vegas


Having just rewatched all 5 seasons of the comedy/thriller show I've come to the conclusion that of all the shows killed before their time Las Vegas has to be the biggest travesty.

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I was good... but not in the end.


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Cliffhanger -> Cancelled... Well Done, NBC... NOT. F'ing writers' strike...


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I liked it very much except for the last season. Still, it's a shame it had to end.



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agreed. it was a decent show and the cliffhanger end was not good.
having worked myself in a casino it was interesting to see huge casino.

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Liked it, yes, but hardly the worst cancellation ever. The last season was terrible, but the first couple of seasons were really good. Had they been able to keep that suspense and level of action going, I would have been sad.
But seeing the last season go down in flames, I felt more like a singe of pain at how the writers must have had their collective arses handed to them by everyone who knew they were writing that crap.