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Topic: Smack the pony


Hilarious show  lol  lol
I just can't believe i didn't watch it sooner. Atm I'm on seas. 1 and for now it's great.

Something like female monthy phyton, not for overwatching it tho, something weird happens with your brain after certain amount of time... Warmly recommending, especially to the ladies out there smile



Re: Smack the pony

Yea i remember this show fondley,
It made me laugh a lot.
Just incase you haven't already seen it, 'Green wing' is another comedy from a few years ago that i lmao at.
check it out if you haven't already  big_smile


Re: Smack the pony

oh thanks! i know it's an older show, but didn't found thread about it (maybe it was that long ago  hmm ).
it seems same team that did smack the pony did green wings! gonna check it out for sure wink



Re: Smack the pony

Green Wing blows Smack the Pony away.  Stop watching StP now and start Green Wing, you won't regret it.

2020.  Meh.