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Well, there’s a question asked that didn’t take long to definitively answer.  There will be no back order for Life Unexpected.

Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva reports that CW has decided  not to order any episodes beyond the 13 already ordered.  CW says it won’t make its final decision (about next season) until May, but Ms. Andreeva concludes the January season finale will likely be the series finale.  We agree.

http://tvbythenumbers.com/2010/11/02/cw … ason/70676

sad sad sad sad



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Never saw the show, but - considerig the activity in this forum - that was about time tongue



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Yeah i wont miss it that much, its not that bad but its not that great either. But its soo much better then One Tree Hill, which i cant belive is still running


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it's also one of my back catalogue shows.

I agree it's not bad but not that great either.


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Mirano wrote:

But its soo much better then One Tree Hill, which i cant belive is still running

Indeed. I was watching One Tree Hill and The OC at the same time and I was almost sure that OTH will be the first one to end... and look now. It's been years since OC was cancelled and OTH is still running.

As for LUX, it's probably going to be replaced by this: