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Hehe - Twihard vs. Twilight - nice big_smile

So I guess we get a big vampire story this season. It didn't feel like this was just a freak of the week thing but a big story arc. And finally a show went back to the roots of the old vampire stories. They are not pretty glittery lovy dovy nice people but dark ugly creatures who need blood as food and do anything to get it.

The only thing - again - which I didn't get was Sams reaction when he saw Dean getting turned by the vampire. He liked it but moments earlier he killed fast without hesitation - that didn't fit. What is his agenda? Was he really just using Dean as bait to get the other vampires? I don't think so but what could it be?

Anyway - if this season is less angel centered and more about these ugly vampires - I'm in smile



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I think they might have overdone the fangirl part. Tho I did enjoy the little today's vampire culture references. Especially the notices about Vampire Diaries being next on The CW. More than a little ironic.


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Yeah the whole thing with Sam is a bit odd.

Apart from the fact just basically letting Dean get turned, he also claimed that he never knew about the antidote when he was apparently told by his Pops.

Something strange is going on with Sam, and am looking forward to how it plays out.


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Don't know what to think of this episode. Too serious to be a comedy. Besides I haven't seen any of the Twilight movies so I guess I didn't understand a lot of jokes. Sam's "change" (and Mettalicar of course) seems to be the only thing that keeps me interested at the moment. hmm



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My impression is that Sam has become ruthless and cruel.  He pretended not to know there was a cure and he saw that Dean was going to get turned and used it as an opportunity to get inside the nest.  I think the smile was because he's become sadistic.  They talk about Dean becoming a torturer in hell.  I suspect Sam went a lot farther down that  road.  Anyway, this is all just speculation at this point.  I'm sure it will all work out and they'll dance the macarena in a field of daisies at the end of the season.   roll

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infotropic wrote:

I'm sure it will all work out and they'll dance the macarena in a field of daisies at the end of the season.   roll

I'm with you but this last part was just lol