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Hooray - almost missed the season premiere, but next-episode.net reminded me that Nip/Tuck is finally started its 5th season wink

How great was this ep, where they make fun of tv-shows which are desperate for ideas in their 5th season. And Shawn being a consultant in a tv-show, which steals ideas from Chicago Hope when actually stealing from Nip Tuck itself.

Great twists and brand new ideas will make this season so much fun to watch.




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yeah i enjoyed it as much as you did! great episode! i like that kind of humor. and i think we can look forward to a great season. hollywood offers just so much crazyness ... smile


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This episode really got me fired up, I love it. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the season. When will the next episode air btw?


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Weird that tv.com hasn't set up a proper schedule yet. It should air every Tuesday...