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dear lord. i hate to sound like a broken record, but i can't help it. if it wasn't for Steve Austin, Nicole Richie and Stacy Kiebler (serieously??? they had to bring 3 cool extras to make it work) this episode would have been in the same lane as most of the episodes in season 2 and 3. pointless, boring and leading nowhere. chuck is a wuss, morgan is a wuss, and sarah is afraid of commitment. same thing over and over again.
i can see this series end like this.
a)they all get happy and married and settled and the end.
b)sarah can't get over with her fear of commitment and she runs away, the end.
c)chuck can't get over his wussyness and sarah dumps her for good, the end.

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Well it's hard for the writers. The experience of other shows clearly show that if he gets the girl rating drop and if he doesn't have the chance to get the girl the ratings drop too - no matter what else the show is about! So the writers have to increase the tension to a point where it's ridiculous - and now we are at this point. Too bad they try to divert from this fact by throwing in eyecandy for the nerdy boys - that works for one episode but not for a whole season hmm



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What an awful episode. I would have to think harder to say that I'm absolutely sure, but this was probably the worst episode in the history of this series.



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What do you guys expect from the show?
All I see it as is a light, comedic, character based show. Geeky dude with a hot girlfriend, quirky best friend and an awesome Marine colonel who LOVES guns. Seems okay to me. . .  lol

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Same !