Topic: Season 7 *spoilers*

Thought this season will be something new. But now they are rehashing old plots. Bree goes through sexual revolution (again), Lynette feels burdened by taking care of the house and dismisses Tom who gets petulant and Susan goes behind Mike's back to earn money.
And now they're going to make Lynette's friend into Eddie 2.0.
I was hoping for something creative with the Solis' baby swap. Maybe they'll surprise me but I think they'll skip to the drama "she's my child but she's not my child".
I miss Angie.

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Re: Season 7 *spoilers*

This season is really piss me off...
i don't like it
the whole story
it radiculous

Re: Season 7 *spoilers*

You know what this show needs?

More guns.

don't sweat the petty things, pet the sweaty things