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The Bachelor Pad


Damn it - I hate reality TV, but the Bachelor (not Bachelorette) has been fun so far. One of the shows you watch, delete and forget...

Now the third installment has arrived The Bachelor Pad. Dunno if the show title was inspired by the iPad but it's really fun. You have the best girls of the last seasons of The Bachelor and the best guys (I guess) of the last seasons of The Bachelorette. The game now is that the boys vote off one girl and the girls vote off one guy - each week smile
This is definitely a new dynamic and fun to watch - sort of like Big Brother (I guess) but with gorgeous bodies in the sun big_smile

Grab it here smile

Is anybody else watching this? wink


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I don't like reality shows by definition, but I really enjoy The Real L Word smile



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Well I guess I was the only one who enjoyed the show. Just 6 eps and a nice season finale.
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