Topic: Whats with the month to month episodes?

ok i used to be a fan of smallville but without lex luthor its just not the same, however i would still watch it if they didnt keep putting episodes months apart.

why do they do that?

we had to wait a month for each episode and they werent even relevant episodes, and climax was incredibly boring, unstopable doomsday gets beaten in about three minutes.

why would you do this with a series that is allready losing its edge, might not even see this one to the end ya know


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milking the cow while they can.



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Whoa, I mean - this show is still on? I finish after s5, because it's was getting unbearable to watch.

Can someone tell me if after that it gets any better? Maybe after finishing all the exams this semester I will try to catch up a little bit with few eps. I really liked the first three seasons, with were, well, quite entertaining, but what they did with the show later, ugh, can't find the right words to describe it.

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Re: Whats with the month to month episodes?

I've stopped watching it after season 8. And yeah, each season since S3-S4 is worse.



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I've watch season 1 - season 8 in just under a week, and I watched the whole of season 6 in one day, one after the other, that hurt might I add... and I'm grabbing season 9 now...

I originally stopped watching around season 7, but don't recall alot of season 6...

Onto what Smallville lost...

Lex being gone, a big let down, he was a character I watched for.
Lionel being gone, a huge let down, in the last two seasons he was in it I really enjoyed his portrayal.
Lana being gone, then coming back, then being gone again, annoying. So damned annoying.
Kara's in and out nature, kinda annoying.
I'm not a comic book fan, so the almost episodic justice league references were distracting, since they were aimed at those people tongue

Fundamentally, yes, it does get worse after season 4, is ok in seasons 5 & 6, seasons 7 and 8 were sorta tedious given the erratic storyline (to me it came across as erratic) and the time travels episodes, but the completionist in me dictates I have to see all of it since the show is ending at season 10

As for the month to month episodes, I sure as hell hope they don't do this to the final season, I know there will be a christmas hiatus, but hopefully not the highly annoying 5 month ones that they pull on some shows (ending in October coming back in late February early march) and yes, its just to drag out the show or to try and build suspense, but it actually has the opposite effect on me, I stop watching, like two shows recently, they were off the air for 4 months and I never returned to them.

Now I ask myself, should I have dredged up a 7 month old thread?



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Re: Whats with the month to month episodes?

i have seen all episodes of Smallville so far and probably will see the rest too.

Not that it's still good but when smallville started it was really great, something fresh with new ideas and high production value, then it got worse, got better again, got worse, stayed worse, had some single good episodes on the way, but now i just wanna pull through and get it over with wink