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Topic: From Farscape to Stargate

For some reason I watched all SF-Series but Stargate. Shame on me. Today I found out, that Ben Browder AND Claudia Black from Farscape are on the cast-list. Can somebody tell me, what's behind this casting? As a big Farscape-Fan I think I immediately have to buy a lot of DVDs plus some time to watch them...

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OMG, Karen, get him ! smile


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GASP!!!  And you call yourself a scifi fan?  How could you miss Stargate?  I demand that you watch all ten years worth this instant!!!  wink

Okay, I'm calm now.

As for what was behind the casting... *shrug*  Coincidence?  I guess they were just the best people for the job.  I know a lot of people resent the change, but I like them in Stargate.  Especially CB - she's adorable!  big_smile


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I do! I do! I do! It's just 10 seasons... tongue
Just a coincidence? Okay, but can the scriptwriters actually resist from bringing in some jibes? In Farscape BB and CB played a couple.  Anyway - thanx!


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If you don't include the reference-fest that was the 200th episode, they've actually been pretty jibe free.  At least as far as I can remember - unless anyone else can think of anything?

And trust me, I know all about Farscape - I'm a huge fan as well.  big_smile


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WhoopWhoop man, I envy you so badly for having 10 seasons of SG-1 ahead of you ...

Just don't give up at the first season or two.

Don't get me wrong, they are cool and all, but at season 3 they're pooring money in this thing, and it get's HUGE ! smile

Anywho, keep us updated smile


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Okay, mates,

Good news: tomorrow (or Monday) I will get the first three or four seasons for a real nice price. Bad News: I have to work, all the other series are about to restart next weeks and - worst of all - I sometimes need some sleep (sleep? what's that...? hmm ). Although I will start enjoying Stargate immediately, I don't think I get through this year.

Anyway - thanx for couraging me to close this gap wink


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Isn't it coincidence too so SG1 is going to be cancelled just as Farscape did? Blame on BB & CB?


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santah wrote:

OMG, Karen, get him ! smile

I'm sorry if this counts as being totally stupid, but it's the middle of the night here, I'm kinda buzzed and I was browsing through these old threads and this quote just made me LOL for reals  lol

Now I've gone and made a run-on sentence  tongue

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Hehe big_smile
You should put that quote in the quotes thread, migs...

Nice find indeed wink


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Farscape was fun, nuch more than it was haed scifi. Mostly is just enterntaining and fun adventure, save for about 3 or 4 episodes and specials where they get really heavy on all accounts. I loved Farscape, despite the muppets. As for Ben Browder and Claudia Black on SG1 is definetely not as good as having Richard Dean "MacGyver-O´Neill"  Anderson and Amanda Tapping. Episode 200 has a great spoof of Farscape. In a way, Farscape, for those here who had prejudices against it, preludes the new iteration of BSG while playing of the even older and very free figure of the lost hero. It<s BSG+Buck Rogers+classic Galactica with a bit os Doctor Who and Flash Gordon. Takes a while to get used to it, but once you do, speakinbgmfrom experience, it gets you hooked.

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Ben Browder and Claudia Black were just a coincidence and they both fitted the intended roles very well, the casting people knew they worked well together so they cast them.

If you notice, when Vala is leaving the SGC for the first or second time (the time where Daniel asks her to be searched in the Gate Room) the coat she wears there or holds there is very similar to the coat she wore in Farscape (black leather and metal clasps). A small callback if I'm not mistaken which was intentional according to a website I saw a few years back.

I'm a big fan of Farscape and SG-1, but since both were effectively ended without proper endings I was left disheartened. However this hasn't stopped me from re-watching both shows start to end more than 5 times each. Plus it helped me pick out flaws in some of the episodes like in one episode of SG-1 the gate is dialed and a Al'kesh is attacking the other side of the gate to clear the way for SG-1 but as the Al'kesh makes its second pass the gate is not active but radios to the SGC. Also when Jack is in the 'gravity cell' the indicator on the left of the screen doesn't always align properly. Also a big one in Lost City part 2, where the drones are being fired from the outpost Prometheus sets a collision course with Anubis' ship but before impact Prometheus veers left, but in the next scene it is seen veering right.

I could go on, but I'm digressing from the original point of the thread.

Also, make sure you see the direct to DVD movies as well, they do sort of finish off the series but not particularly well...



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i just recently watched Farscape for the 1st time and i really liked it. chemistry between ben browder and claudia black was really good. it was even a little bit seen in SG-1 season 9 and 10.

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fredmxm354 wrote:

I'm a big fan of Farscape and SG-1, but since both were effectively ended without proper endings I was left disheartened.

Well, I don't know about SG-1, but The Peacekeeper Wars is amazing, it's beyond that, you don't think it's a proper ending for Farscape?

I know the thread is from, like, 2006, but just so my first post isn't offtopic, it's a coincidence. Both Claudia and Ben were cast for Stargate way before season 8/9, but they both were busy filming The Peacekeeper Wars, the producers had called Claudia a few times before, but she just couldn't make it, and Ben had to play John Shepard on SGA. But, as I said, they were busy filming The Peacekeeper Wars during the eight season of SG-1. Claudia was doing some voiceover work for PW when they called her for Prometheus Unbound, she said she couldn't do it, but will call them again if she finishes it sooner than expected, and, thankfully, she did, so she got to Vancouver the day before shooting Prometheus Unbound. And Ben came on season 9 as Mitchell since he couldn't make it for Atlantis, thank God. I'm not much of a fan of Atlantis.

I love both Stargate SG-1 and Farscape, and I thought it would be a problem for me watching Farscape after SG-1, because I'm a huge fan of Daniel/Vala. It was never a problem, I just couldn't believe how different Aeryn is from Vala, it's like that's not the same actress, unbelievable. I love both John/Aeryn and Daniel/Vala, I never saw any part of the chemistry there was between Aeryn and John on Farscape between Vala and Mitchell on Stargate, she was all over Daniel, and it's so strange, because you could see how Ben looks at Claudia on interviews or conventions, just like John looks at Aeryn, his eyes saying "I'm here, I will catch you if you fall" and with all the love in the world, amazing, and there's none of that on Stargate.

I just love them.


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Nea Orlean wrote:
fredmxm354 wrote:

I'm a big fan of Farscape and SG-1, but since both were effectively ended without proper endings I was left disheartened.

Well, I don't know about SG-1, but The Peacekeeper Wars is amazing, it's beyond that, you don't think it's a proper ending for Farscape?

It wasn't a bad ending, but there was a planned season 5, which was going to be the end, but when it was canceled the fans demanded a conclusion, and the peacekeeper wars was written with some aspects of the original season 5 included, but still left me somewhat disappointed.

The same applies to SG-1, season 11 was going to be the final season, but that too was cancelled, and the ark of truth was conjured up, then continuum which didnt really fit in my opinion, and the third SG-1 movie may never be completed at this rate.

Also applies to Atlantis, although season 6 wasn't going to be the last season they didn't want SGA and SGU to run at the same time, leaving me again disappointed since less that 60% of the city had been explored and under half the ancient equipment was played with...



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Well, they did say it takes a lifetime to explore Atlantis, so I don't think we were ever going to see it all, even in 100 seasons. They're now filming SGA movie (blah, I wanted the third SG-1 one, not really a fan of Atlantis). I don't think The Arc of Truth or Continuum were meant to be movies, they're more like episodes and I like that. It's the same with Peacekeeper wars, although it's not the fifth season, we've got the comics series, that are the fifth season, not The Peacekeeper Wars, but it was great, outstanding, Farscape in every way, Farscape episodes in every way, and still so... Huge...