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Eureka is actually the first tv show i downloaded on torrent, ever!  im so happy its back again smile

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InaFina wrote:

Eureka is actually the first tv show i downloaded on torrent, ever!  im so happy its back again smile

Wow - you are so young and innocent smile



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guys i think i'm missing an episode in eureka.. when we left season 3 episode 18.... carter and tess were about to head out to australia together.  now at the start of season 4 they show them breaking up . 

Did i miss an episode?


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You sure you remember the episode correctly??  big_smile

btw , did any of you watched the movie James Callis stared in? it's called "Merlin and the book of beasts"



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yeah i just rewatched the end of season 3.5 .... and i still feel like theres a hole somewhere... just doesn't make sense.

i saw the Merlin movie with the chick from Defying Gravity on it as well.  It wasn't bad but my main gripe with it was i dont think he knew what voice he wanted to go with.  Sometimes it was horse and then it would switch to smooth...   it was like watching christian bale try to do the raspy Batman voice.


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Dear writers of Warehouse 13,

This (Eureka) is how you make a decent Sci Fi show.



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poncherello: I got the exact same feeling as you got when i saw the recap in the start of the episode, but I just gave a fuck.


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Exodus wrote:

What is it about Eureka.
Its got such a kooky plot and over the top ideas, combined with complete oversimplification of the occurances.
It should not be a good show, this is not the 70ies.
And yet Eureka is exellent.
The show just works.
I dunno if its a chemistry thing or the genuine love for science fiction that sometimes bleeds through, or the fact that the writers are just doing a great job, even characters like Fargo, who could be reduced to so much bitcharacter jokebait, is properly fleshed out and u actually feel for him.

I dunno it shouldnt be, specially in the post LOST/BSG era of sci-fi television where dark realism seems to be the new name of the game, but Eureka is despite all that a truly great show.


There has always been two ways of getting about SciFi writting, Hard SciFi (where the science really really matters) and the plot-character-mythos way. Eureka flyes the inbetween path where most of the scientific stuff are almost thrown about and require you remember your old hard scifi, but if you don't, it doesn't matter. This is good. They go about in a way that focuses on the fun factor of an adventure-scifi show. The tone is better resolved than in Warehouse13 which aims at the same but is still adjusting. I saw an interview once with the actors of Eureka and the shooting schedule is really tight, tighter than was in BSG, a lot tighter than in Lost where any moments of bad acting were just inexcusable. Budget for Eureka is more on the lines of a brit show nd they resolve stuff in much the same way. I have to confess, I actually enjoy this precarity, forces the wirters to play with characters and dialog rather than bells and whispers, and this is why it is both modern and gives you that 70s-80s vibe of good fun. It's not trying to be revolutionary nor grandious, it just wants us, the audience, tu have fun.

And, again, I don't think they will try to "fix the timeline", you gotta be a timelord to be able to pull that one of. Plus, they really established that the circumstances that built the bridge are really rare.

I know there will be crossovers between W13 and Eureka this season, I know I will enjoy it "just beacuse", but I am nervous if it will actually be any good.

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Great start into the new season!


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My first downloaded show was Farscape. Back then Direct Connect was teh shit.