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The Silence

The Silence merges the thriller genre with a family drama. When DCI Jim Edwards takes on the homicide investigation of a murdered policewoman, he has no idea how it is going to impact on his relationship with his family. When it transpires that his deaf niece, Amelia, witnessed the murder it puts huge pressure on Jim; he decides to withhold Amelia as a formal witness to protect her, but Jim struggles to make headway with the case whilst keeping Amelia’s identity a secret.

A very intriguing series, I must say. Good that the rest of the eps will be in the next 3 days, the flow won't dissolve. Which means that it's another "only for me" show smile

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sounds like fun. I shall give it a try


huh. seems pretty low budget, perhaps im not so interested

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Keisu wrote:

seems pretty low budget


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God. hmm Really? No one? Mum? sad

Ppl, this is great stuff! (Though not a single person will agree with me, sigh).

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i haven't checked it out coz it's not on EZTV so something must be wrong with it  tongue

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It won't be on eztv. … BiA--.html … 44673.html