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It's hot, that I'm thinking of killing myself just to feel cold.

- Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath join the cast of the american remake of Being Human. (Source)
- Katie Cassidy joins the cast of Gossip Girl. (Source)
- A.J. Cook will be back in Criminal Minds. Just for few eps, though.
- Pretty Little Liars gets a pretty little full season pickup. Not that I care.
- Steve Carell will be leaving The Office after it's next season. More here.
- Janeane Garofalo joins the cast of the Criminal Minds spinoff, CM:Suspect Behavior. (Source)
- The Big Bang Theory will return on September 23. (Source)
- CW's fall premiere dates.
- Starz cancelled Gravity and Party Down. sad
- Elijah Wood will play in the new FX comedy Wilfred. More here.
- Denise Richards will star in the second season of Blue Mountain State. (Source)
- Amy Madigan joins the cast of Fringe. As who?
- John Schneider will return to Smallville for it's last season. More here.
- According to this interview, Damages is pretty much dead. Ech.
- And Hot in Cleveland renewed for a second season. Ech x ∞
- Reid Scott joins the cast of The Big C. [url=]More here[/url].
- Skeet Ulrich will be a lead detective in the new spinoff, Law & Order: Los Angeles. (I wonder, did they noticed LOLA before or after annoucing the name?)
- Henry Ian Cusick will guest star in for episodes of Law & Order: SVU. As a painter.
- The must-be hit Boardwalk Empire will premiere on September 19th.

And for the end:

Oh the memories....



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Thanks Orlando for the news!



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Already looking forward to fringe, thank go my fave shows dont get canceled smile kyle xy has so far been the only show who has died on me.

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Broadwalk look like it's gonna kick ass big_smile big_smile big_smile and then shoot you in the face lol finaly scorsese's back to doing what he's good at
milf denise richards on bms deserves a whoohoooo as well in my book big_smile

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thnx for the news. and now with shows in bold it looks much better. great job.

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