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Topic: 4x01

so happy it's back!!!

Michael: OK , time for plan B.
Winston: What's plan B?
Michael: I'm working on it....

Haha , Funny!!!



Re: 4x01

I agree, it was a little boring, but we should give it a chance.

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".

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Re: 4x01

Agreed, it was a rather mediocre season opener, although it's nice to see another friendly face from PB joining the cast. Not really a lot of things to talk about so I didn't bother creating a new thread myself. wink

PS. Almost forgot - one thing worth mentioning - Fiona looked hot as hell. big_smile



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The episodes seem to be improving a bit, but the show isn't up to it's awesome standards yet ...

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