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Probably THE best episode or at least one of them, although Temperance annoyed me at some points like when during the trial she gets a breakdown and repeats nonstop "My findings are sound". It was nothing that made the experience any less awesome more than you wanted to clock her in the face. smile

So what did you think about the episode? Some people might have hated it (I DOUBT THAT).


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i would refrain from watching this episode if you hate lawyers....

and i hate lawyers.


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It was good, showed that Bones isn't really that "not-emocional" smile



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very good epi


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What was the song used at the end of this episode before it goes to the founding fathers?


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I liked this episode because you get to see the human side to Brennan. She's also realising that she has changed because of the relationships she has formed and she can't quite deal with the emotion - she wants to go back to being all logical - dealing with facts and leaving potential heartbreak at the door. She recognises that you can't be rational all the time. But she can't close the emotional door - I wonder if they'll revisit her desire to have a child - it was raised at the end of last season.


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I love when we get to see that Brennan is NOT a vulcan. That basically sums up the episode without spoilering anything to anyone.

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