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Isn't it really about time for Lois to learn the true identity of Supes? If upcoming season will be the last, and I really hope that it will, then Lois should learn the secret soon....


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It's hard when a show that used to be so good becomes this. Smallville was probably my favorite show in the earlier seasons. Now it feels like I'm just watching it to have something to get upset about.

And yes, I agree with you that Welling and Durance has no chemistry. All they got is that they're Lois and Clark... so I pretend that they fit together smile

The Clark character is really starting to disappoint. Even on red kryptonite, he was boring. I remember the times when red kryptonite made CK rob banks and marry pretty Carters wink Good times..


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paisley1 wrote:

I agree, it was my favorite show in the first seasons and the show that turned me into a TV-a-holic, really.  I used to have 3 different sets of friends come over every week, just to watch Smallville with me, because I knew how to download back in 2001.  Now I'm embarassed by it, and for everyone involved.

Teleportation girl was like the biggest highlight at one time...gotta love Sarah Carter....

I bought the first 3 episodes on vhs big_smile And the following seasons I watched on Swedish television... I always used to record my tv-shows on vhs, so that I could fast forward through the commercial smile I actually don't remember when I started downloading episodes.

I was so pissed when the killed Alicia... she and Clark had chemistry!
I also have a vague memory of Tamara Feldman... didn't she play some wolf-chick? Also very nice...


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paisley1 wrote:

Ya, every chick on the show was smokin' hot, just great eye candy every week.  My buddies used to call Smallville High, Hottie High; and then we'd ask how the government didn't intervene and the school managed to have enough students with the 100 or so students who either died or got sent to Bell Reeve because of meteor infection every year in Smallville...:lol:

Yeah, Smallville and Sunnydale seam to have somewhat the same problem smile


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paisley1 wrote:

Didn't understand that reference because I've yet to watch Buffy enough to get that, and what I've seen is terrible, like worse than Supernatural.

Students die a lot at Sunnydale high too..
And Buffy is a great show!