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Topic: uTorrent Mobile UI Goes Live Tomorrow

uTorrent Mobile UI Goes Live Tomorrow

Opera Mini, for those of you who don’t know, runs on a very wide range of GPRS and WAP-enabled cellphones, including the Motorola Razr and Nokia’s older models, like the 3120. But from what we hear, the interface should work on bundled mobile browses as well.

Presumably, the mUI will work like the existing WebUI, with the exception that it’ll be a lot more light-weight, which it has to be in order to support mobile browsers. The mUI will allow you to monitor and control the torrents running on your desktop PC from your mobile phone, wherever you are. You can expect us to do a detailed review of its features and usability when it’s live.

For now, it looks like the mobile UI will only support the Windows version of uTorrent, as the Mac version isn’t out yet and doesn’t even have basic WebUI support it.

The uTorrent mUI has not been developed by BitTorrent Inc and isn’t official. The developer, mofle, is just a fan and user of uTorrent. See his forum post and the continuing discussion for more info.


Official Mobile Mobile UI Site -  http://utorrentmui.com/ 
Opera Mini - http://www.operamini.com/
Existing uTorrent WebUI - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=14565
Mac Version uTorrent - http://torrentfreak.com/utorrent-for-ma … ly-review/

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Nice smile


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interesting... can't wait to give it a try big_smile

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can someone explain what this is...?

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It is exactly what it says it is. A means to control your torrents from anywhere in the world via the online data connection with your mobile phone.

Just surf the ad with your phone and have complete control of your torrents.

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control control? of your downloads? (sorry, but i dont use torrents - so dont know much about them)

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looks interesting... site still isnt live tho tongue

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I've been messing with this for several hours now, and I have to say that I am really impressed with the program. So far I have used it on several mobile OSes across a myriad of phones from my collection.

Nokia 6133, Nokia 9500, Sony Ericsson W712

WINDOWS MOBILE - Opera, Internet Explorer
Samsung SGH-i600, MDA Pro

Blackberry 8700, and a co-worker's Blackberry 8100 Pearl

Even tried it out on a couple of my older phones: SMT-5600, Nokia 3650, Sony Ericsson P910i, HTC Space Needle (the original PocketPC Phone), Sidekick and Sidekick 2.

So far you cannot search for or initiate new torrents, but what you can do is pretty much everything else you absolutely need to do with your torrents, including adjusting the bandwidth throttle. You can start and stop and pause you torrents, plus force start, force recheck, remove and delete. And even get a full read out on their current status, including (but not limited to) percentage complete, upload, speed, peers, ETA, ratio, label and tracker info.

All in all, it is not pretty bad, and is the next best thing to being able to download torrents directly to your cellphone. As for not being able to search and initiate torrents with the application, not to fear. These features are #1 on Sindre Sorhus's (creator of uTorrent mUI) list. They are the most difficult to implement, as they need to work with every mobile out there, not just the PDA smartphones, but they are also the top reason for the mobile UI, and are being worked on for a future update of the software. However, as it stands right now, considering he has no access to the uTorrent source code (which is apparently a closely guarded secret), he's done a remarkable job. uTorrent mUI is free, does not require an install and is workable from just about any mobile handset capable of utilizing a web-based browser. So if you are a user of uTorrent (and who isn't at this point), go to your options, set up your WebUI, and if you ever have the need to check your torrents from darn near, anywhere, you are set whether you are using another PC or now, your mobile cellphone or PDA smartphone.

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Re: uTorrent Mobile UI Goes Live Tomorrow

darn, I have some problems with establishing a connection.

i run under winXP, opera, a DSL with a static IP and a router.
The utorrent port is forwarded correctly, my user pass and login are also set and I only manage to get the prompt to enter them - then, the screen goes white (in the browser) and nothing happens.

Why do I say this ? Cause you need the webUI running to get the mUI working. I tried to connect via the mUI but it just gives me the "wrong login" sign (and all the fields are filled correctly).

I'll try to get it to work some time later..