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Topic: 8x16 *Spoilers*

When Dana Walsh goes for the exit the second time, after she hacked her securitycard. The security guard ran the card and it said on the computer "APPRENHEND ON SITE".
Thought it was kinda funny how they misspelled the word "apprehend":)


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i really dont get what the rest of the season can be about, with 8 eps left

"city morgue, you kill em, we chill em"


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hunting down those terrorists  , preventing them from assuming power in whatever lie of a country they live , and so on and on...
the managed to spread 7 seasons with 24 episodes each , I think they can handle these last 8 episodes... big_smile



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we shall see, also, whens dana gonna tell em about the p.o, you cant get that kinda smell out of a place.
and i swear she put him in a heating vent :S

"city morgue, you kill em, we chill em"


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Um, silent clock because I'm supposed to care somehow about Hassan's death? ;] Both episodes were cliche after cliche after cliche. Oh, wait, one surprise - I was almost certain that Cole will kill Dana after the debriefing out of revenge (on the other hand he should have his chance in the next episode wink).



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Gotta say I really enjoyed that episode, the ending was very well done indeed, had me all emotional n' sh*t


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This made me laugh so much

But yes, both eps were surprisingly good, I really enjoyed them.



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me too
especially in these ipad times:)



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Actually that really exists... iRobot, as well as making robotic vacuum cleaners, make tactical robots :-)



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Just stopping by to say Prinze Jr is AWESOME in this show. Especially this episode, his whole seething rage thing when they caught dana/jenny/starbuck in the car park was utterly convincing. It's a shame she's the mole, 'coz that bitch is *smoking hot*.