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This show is the Best!.

Who'd have thought that coconuts would be in sci-fi flicks. cant wait till jan for ep 11.


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well, just download and watch SG-1, it's better and has almost 9 seasons so far smile


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no no no, ok i havent seen SG-1 but still no no no  tongue

i have watched star gate the movie and here and there an ep of SG-1 but it couldnt capture my attention for too long unlike Atlantis which is pretty entertaining with cool charakters.



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Watch all the nine seasons like me, and you'll change your mind. Promised smile


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nah... sorry, SG1 is old school now. Atlantis is da shit now.

SG1 is like New Generations to Star Trek. Ya cant beat it but eventually ya move on to Voyager and Enterprise. So Atlantis is da shit now big_smile


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I definitely prefer Atlantis to the current state of SG-1, but the new show's only awesome because of all the lessons the creators learned from doing SG-1.  Rotating a core member out on the second season? Brilliant.  That way they don't get locked in to a set of actors that can't leave lest the upset the fanbase.  Good for you, Atlantis writers...wherever you are.

However, the whole insect/Wraith/humanoid evolution plan?  Retarded.  They should really stop talking about it.  Just makes the show seem silly.

Still, when do we get new eps?!


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personally the current sg1 season (9) is quite stupid really i mean come on they have that new dude Col. Mitchell and Col. O'Niel was the best, ever since he left the show its been a disappointment. i've been closely watching the new season of atlantis and its brilliant, compared to sg1 now. the only thing that is good about the new season of sg1 is the Orai. but with new seasons come new ideas. just hope they good ones. they done a good job on the atlantis so far hope it goes further.

great show.