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just heard of it


not much information avaible at the moment... the only text i found this far (was in german)

The players can choose between Cylons and humans choose to fight out the everlasting battle for control of the universe or simply the dangers lurking there, trying to survive. The mix of tactical space combat, exploration and mission-based gameplay will allow for a varied game experience. The dramatic missions will drive the back-story and allow the players into the mysteries of the Battlestar universe plunge. Battlestar Galactica Online will create a new standard for web-based games, with stunning 3D graphics and innovative game mechanics. It will be incorporated elements from the TV series to provide a more authentic gameplay experience.

i just used the google translator because i am to lazy now to translate it my self smile


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Wonder if it shares the same fate as Stargate Online which failed mostly because it was announced after the show has ended already. smile

Personally I'm not into MMO games (the only exception was Eve Online but I've stopped playing it some time ago), but it would be nice to see a BSG game which is not utter crap (XBL BSG anyone?).



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It it'll support linux operating systems, I'll play.