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Topic: Kyle's ability

Kyle's ability - does anyone know what Cassie is got to do with it?
how can she be an ability?
what does she do?

anyone has got any theory?


Re: Kyle's ability

The power of insight or some kind of future seeing power lol, because she new shaun would wake up from the injection.  But who knows how she knew that.


Re: Kyle's ability

She could be a ghost. The dead my have access to all manner of insight and foresight. Or it could just being able to see into the spirit realm like Native American shamans.

Or maybe, Kyle's ability is to be some sort of living computational computer, like John Nash (A Beautiful Mind), with the ability to divine future events by subconsciously computing all known variables at insane speeds in his mind, to their logical conclusions are derived. But like Nash, Kyle's ability has driven him down the path of insanity, where he creates imaginary people (or an imaginary alter ego) in his mind to help him cope with the computations his mind is doing and to understand them in real world terms.

Or maybe his ability is direct communication to one person (Cassie) from somewhere in the future, who's ability in turn is direct communication with one person (Kyle) from somewhere in her past. Think of it as some sort of psychic Corsican Twin  (Crimson Guard commander Tomax & Xamot) like bound. But instead of across distance, the bond is across time.


Re: Kyle's ability

I'm gonna guess that she is from the future, and that she is one of the beings that was in kyle, either the one that told Tom everthing at the end of the 1st season, or the one who shot jordan.

"city morgue, you kill em, we chill em"


Re: Kyle's ability

I also think that Kyle's ability - which looks really good - is from the future to communicate with the people who are behind all this 4400 stuff.
This idea looks pretty similar to Number Six' and Baltar's connection in Battlestar Galactica smile