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Not significantly different from the pilot released almost a year ago?

Don't think I'll bother then, I really wasn't impressed at all.


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My question is "All Along The Watchtower"...  How did they hear that song when it wasn't written yet?

The song was written by Kara's cylon father Daniel millenia ago


Ronald D. Moore stated in the podcast for "No Exit" that Daniel is merely a plot device to explain the numbering mistake and to expand on Cavil's character. In response to persistent fan speculation about a possible connection between Daniel and Starbuck (that Daniel was Starbuck's father), Moore states:

    "There is no connection between Daniel and Starbuck. That was something that was seized upon by fans on the Internet and then gathered a momentum and a life of its own."

In the enhanced version of 'No Exit", Ronald Moore states that the seventh Cylon model is a springboard for Caprica, the upcoming series. Daniel Graystone is the name for the main character, the creator of the Cylons, played by Eric Stoltz.

What a tunnel visioned tool. Instead of isolating one small part of my comment to ridicule, read it all and perhaps that peanut sized brain of yours will actually see the humour.

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What was the language used by Taurons? Isn't that similar to Latin or something?



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What was the language used by Taurons? Isn't that similar to Latin or something?

It's more like Ancient Greek according to this wink