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there's something there i spose, but i mean its so slow. the aliens are coming, the aliens are coming. the plot is getting boring. im only watching it now because ive already downloaded too many episodes. watch it if your bored.


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I second your opinion. Like you I have seen too many eps so I have to go on. And I hope it's not just a big cliffhanger after S1 like it was at 'The 4400'.

It is kinda slow, but it has potential - IMHO smile



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BlackBox wrote:

It is kinda slow, but it has potential - IMHO smile

potential aye? well can only wait and see neutral


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I had this on my "to watch"-list, and still have, but I ended up not downloading the eps cause it wasn't very addicting at all. And now I found Prison Break, which is pretty damn great, which means my list of to-watch shows is even bigger. This pretty much means Invasion is going to be crossed of. I agree, it's way too damn slow.


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I dig it. Sure it moves slow, but the acting is stellar, and I think it's gonna heat up sooner rather then later.


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augie680 wrote:

...but the acting is stellar.

Exactly. I've never seen such a good casting together. Of these new series, it´s the best!