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Just finished watching the last ever episode of VM. What an absolute bummer of an ending.
There's so much left unresolved and unexplained. The exec's in the US responsible for pulling the plug really do need to take their heads out of their butts.
Pretty and stupid US "teen" shows seem to get renewed over and over again but shows that are "relevant" and with some bite get the kiss of death.
But stupidity by US TV exec's isn't just reserved for the "teen" market as adult shows get the same shabby treatment. Shows like Firefly, Smith, Daybreak, Drive and most recently Jericho all got kicked into touch before they had a chance. At least with Firefly we got the movie to round things off.
Are US TV audiences really like President Bush? Brains of a moron and the attention span of a gnat or is that just the TV exec's and their view of US audiences?
I remain confused by it all.

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join the club... we'll be having a meet in three weeks time to bitch about [insert cool new show title here] being canceled prematurely...

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what's worse is that the US is not the worst. austrian tv sucks in general. that's why I've stopped watching. but veronica ending really is a bummer, especially with that lame way it went out.

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