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Topic: 2x09/2x10

You never know when a naked nigga is gonna kill you with ninja sword.


God, I JUST CAN'T WAIT for Epitaph Two.

Why did they cancel it ;<



Re: 2x09/2x10

What if: the episode only avable on DVD/download (season 1 ep 13) is just some stuff from "the attic"?



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DAMN. This is getting AWESOME.

The attic stuff is pretty interesting too, they could have a spinoff about those two guys doing their thing. big_smile

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well i have to admit, that this crappy show that i used to call it, has actually turned into something different. second part of season 2 has been actually interesting, and story had been good. i can't say i'm sorry to see this show go, because they should have started it like this. then i would be sad.
like with Jericho. this show was interesting from the beginning.

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