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I just watched the latest episode of scrubs (6x17) and is up to its usual high standard, although there is something that has been bugging me for a while.

Jordan, played by Christa Miller, is a thoroughly dislikeable character, not only that she verges on to unreal narcissism, but I still find myself feeling very uncomfortable watching her even when she is being nice - which happens almost never.

I think it's because she genuinely cannot act. It wasn't so much a problem with the earlier series, like a lot of actors - namely Jennifer Aniston, or Billy Piper - she responds better to some directors than others. But it's gotten to the point for me, that she is so bad that I'm not sure if its worth watching a show that is Jordan heavy.

She almost repulses me, because when Jordan is being an unimaginably disgusting character, its made worse by Christa's inability to act. Maybe it's a hard character to portray if you are a nice person, but surely that is the point of being an actor.

Please let me know if you think I'm being harsh, I haven't even mentioned how stupid she looks.

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I second most of your thoughts regarding the character Jordon. But I don't think it's because of Christa Millas acting skills. I think it's bad writing.
I remember the early seasons where it was really fun watching her torture Perry and the rest but now it's kind of boring how she interacts with the other people.
I think it started right when she got pregnant. Her looks where also starting to go downwards alot in those days.

And you are way to hard on Jennifer Aniston and Billy Piper. Especially Billy Piper did an great job on the Doctor Who companion. And Friends wouldn't have been so much fun without Jennifer Aniston and her weird character.


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Yeah, I agree, Jennifer Aniston was very good in Friends. I believe because she had good director(s) who knew how to get her to act, but if you look at her in other films, like 'The Breakup' she seems to have the emotional range of cross and neutral.

I felt Billy Piper was terrible in Doctor Who, I don't see what people see in that show, the writing is terrible, and the acting is pretty bad - apart from the lead characters - though I do love the sets and make-up. But my point is that Billy was significantly better in Canterbury tales.

So I'm not saying they can't act at all, it just takes the right influence to produce credible talent.

Anyway, back to Scrubs, I don't really want to say it's the writing because I believe Zach Braff to be a genius, he has a lot of say in the scripts, and the writers change from episode to episode (similarly the directors).

Maybe its the bit I over looked... Jordan's looks... I think she's quite attractive for a woman of her age, but its possible that she has had so much botox she has no more control over her face and cannot convey emotions.

Or maybe it's that I am a bit disillusioned that generally the last few episodes have been very weak compared to previous episodes like 'My No Good Reason' and I want someone to blame smile

An intelligent man knows lots of complicated words, a wise man knows not to use them.


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I totally don't agree with you on Doctor Who. The stories are written quite perfectly - especially the ones Russel T. Davies wrote. The acting of all characters is also quite amazing. The character of Doctor Who is quite difficult to play and Christopher Eccleston and now David Tennant do it great and as it is supposed to be!

But back to scrubs. I agree with you on Zack Braff - he is a genius. I love his film "Garden State" which gives you a glimpse of his genius.
But Scrubs is not written by him and the show is going downwards this season. It seems that every character has told his story and now it's getting weird. Jordan is one, Turk & Carla, Todd, Celso some more bad examples. At least we have J.D., Perry and The Maintenance Guy smile



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i think its her looks....

before, she got away with her attitude.... coz she was HOT... but now, she aint so great and that means you start realising that her character is indeed a pain in the ass


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I think we should discuss off the merrits of Dr. Who in another thread, although it doesn't have one - Dr Who thread please Santah.

I agree with both of you there, I've come to the realisation that its a combination of bad story and her stupid looks that pisses me off about her. I'll get over it, and I'm sure the writing generally in Scrubs is strong enough to make me keep watching it until right until Zack Braff leaves.

An intelligent man knows lots of complicated words, a wise man knows not to use them.


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I second your request on opening a Doctor Who thread wink