Topic: Tricia Helfer in the last Episode

Did anybody see the last episode with BSG Nr. 6 Vixen Tricia ad protagonist? What a nice surprise to see here in a totally different role. The Episode was also very nice with and interesting noir setting.


Re: Tricia Helfer in the last Episode

Yeah, I really enjoyed this episode.  I thought Tricia was really good, and it was great to see her play someone other than six.

The twist was a little predictable, but it didn't hamper my enjoyment of the episode any.

I thought it was nice to see something a little different for Supernatural as well - having an episode from the point of view of someone other than the brothers.  I hope they keep up with this recent quality of episodes.


Re: Tricia Helfer in the last Episode

forgot to add... with a twist à la the sixth sense...