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I have just got Alias season 2 and I have to say .... very cool! I cant stop watching it, already got s3/4 on order and s5 on download!


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I've watched every single aired episode smile
It's a nice show smile



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just watched some more eps... I really didn't see how it could keep going after they raid the SD/Alliance offices... WOW I was wrong!
NB: I'm on episode 14... no spoilers!


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I liked the first 4 seasons very much. Right now in S5 (not really a spoiler) Jennifer Garner is very pregnant (damn Ben Affleck) and her abilities / looks are very limited. Lets see how the writers try to compensate that neutral



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yeh damn ben affleck neutral

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Season Two was the highpoint of the show.  Presently, it's so far away from any kind of plan J.J. could've been working towards from the begining that it's ridiculous.  The show is going nowhere.

Plus, without the tension between Jack and Irina, without Will and Francine, and now without Vaughn or Weiss, the show is completely without heart or humor.  Everything is SO serious, and yet, SO inconsequential.

Now that everyone's friendly with Sloane, every episode seems retarded to me.  And yet, the show was once so good, I keep hoping they get it back together. sad

Oh and the PREGNANCY issue.  Okay, Jennifer Garner is pregnant, so they have to work with it.  But the fact that NO ONE has said ANYTHING like "Hey, maybe dodging bullets while you're carrying a baby isn't the most intelligent thing in the world" is RETARDED and unbelievable.


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yeh... time for a break for poor jenny. think they should kill the show.


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Totally agree, I have said it in a few threads now...used to be an amazing show, easily my favourite...but this season and last....doooooooooownhill.

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you're watching Scrubs
Alias can not be your favourite
whichever season smile