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Yes season 7 news although season 6 hasn't a scheduled airdate yet wink

Season 7 will be the final season and the scripts have already been written - featuring Famke Janssen big_smile


Nip/Tuck's "Hope Diamond of transsexuals" is back!

Famke Janssen has cut a deal to reprise her role as gender-bending sociopath Ava Moore for the FX drama's seventh and final season, series creator Ryan Murphy confirmed via the show's online fan forum.

"Just finished the last [Nip/Tuck] script today -- the 100th episode," Murphy wrote. "The end. Very strange. But I thought I would confirm something here on the forum, since you've all been so great and loyal: Ava Moore (Famke!) returns for the final two episodes."

Ava, arguably one of the show's most memorable characters ever, was last seen jetting off to Paris shortly after completing her final gender reassignment surgery at the end of season 2.

FX has yet to set a date for Nip/Tuck's seventh season. Heck, they still haven't announced when the sixth season will air! The upside? It leaves plenty of time for you guys to weigh in on Janssen's comeback in the comments section!

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Nip/Tuck cancelled

When "Nip/Tuck" made its debut in 2003, it broke cable-viewing records and instantly distinguished itself with its stylized look, tongue-in-cheek tone, gorgeous stars and fresh take on America's obsession with beauty and youth. Those qualities earned it a Golden Globe for best drama, critical acclaim and water-cooler buzz that lasted for most of its first four seasons.

But when one of FX's signature series quietly wrapped last week on the Paramount lot, it did so without the usual fanfare associated with the end of a noteworthy show. In part, the silent send-off was because TV viewers won't see the "Nip/Tuck" finale, which finished shooting on June 12, for a long time, probably as late as 2011, making it tricky to publicize. Behind the scenes too, during the last week of production, there was an awkward sense that the end had already happened, since much of the crew had already moved to creator Ryan Murphy's new Fox musical, "Glee," last year, and Murphy himself was out of the country location-scouting for an upcoming movie.

"It's sad because it feels incomplete," said script supervisor Diana Valentine, who asked the cast to sign her finale script in between takes of shooting the show's last family dinner scene, which included almost every major character. Valentine, who joined the series in its second season, worked on "Beverly Hills, 90210" for its entire run. "It's not the same feeling I had when I was wrapping on '90210'. It feels incomplete, kind of separate. It's very hard."

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