Topic: Scrubs 6th season

1. When is it gonna start?

2. Are you guys excited?

3. What do you think is gonna happen?

J.D - Kim
Turk - Carla
Dr Cox - Jordan


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1. January

2. Cant speak for anyone else, but, for me, yes definately, especially if I get to see Elliott jump on someone and see the back of her shrit rise to see the small of her back

3. I think this will be the last season


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one of my all-time favourite shows.... with dr. cox being my fav character

can't wait for it to start.... and i really hope they don't try and prolong this series too much more.... as much as i like it.... i don't wanna tait any memories of it by them dragging it out....

i think JD will end up with elliott at the end of the entire show... and turk and carla will have their baby... thats all i got smile


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zach braff (J.D) said it will be his last season

... i really hope not ... i don't really like elliott, besides this babe J.D. knocked up is waaaaaaay hotter big_smile


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i did read in a local paper that they are doing a musical episode ala Buffy's 'Once More With Feeling'... should be interesting to say the least

i'm going to eat your brains and gain your memories...


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If you don't already know...

Scrubs is starting again on the 30th of November. While rearranging comedy shows on thursday night, Scrubs will return with their 6th season.


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Only 6 days left for the new season to start....

I really hope, that Dr. Cox is becoming again like his earlier years, where he doesn't show any weaknesses. But this seems very unlikely... sad

I'm really curious, how the show develops and where the morals go...


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nice 'little' bit concerning season 6 here... some spoilerish stuff... mostly falls into the 'obvious' and 'about time' categories though... still interesting... as much as i love this show i would not be sad to see it come to an end... the last five seasons have great repeat value, which is more than most can say...

i'm going to eat your brains and gain your memories...