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Best episode so far smile
Great thing Alpha finally revealed himself. I like that Alany Tudyk plays the role... Whedon always brings back former actors he worked with. I'm just wondering if Alpha's Echo is an imprint he himself designed?

And did Topher say "...frekked up..." when he was talking about that girl's brain patterns? big_smile


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He did big_smile
"The kids a mess, past trauma has her emotions, reactions, intellectual development all frakked up beyond recognition"


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Poor Victor.  I really wish this show would survive, but I'm pretty resigned to it being  over in one or two more episodes.  Alan Tudyk as Alpha.  Didn't see that one coming.  Before this I would have never believed anyone who said Tudyk could act really really scary.  His whole face changes.

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infotropic wrote:

Alan Tudyk as Alpha.  Didn't see that one coming.  Before this I would have never believed anyone who said Tudyk could act really really scary.  His whole face changes.

agree 100%. I always liked him but didn't think he was such a diverse actor, the change in roles from the neurotic goofball to psycho was fantastic.


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all I can say is..... WTF.... I'm speechless... by far the best Ep so far....

One question just came up in my mind: if Alpha used to be a Doll... and he can be different personalities... does he maybe have more than 1 imprint in his brain? cause he was a very convincing goofball and an even more convincing Psycho...

Oh Please, Please, Pretty Please let there be a 2nd season....


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I'll always think of him from Serenity
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  Capt. Mal: Your a what?

But COME ON.. he showed his diversity in DODGEBALL... he was the frakkin pirate!


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I doubt you guys will have appreciated this part the way I did, but did you see his body after he put on the Doll t-shirt!?!  Tudyk has been to the gym and he is looking fiiiiiine!!  big_smile


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I also like to know what imprint Echo has now. Or maybe she is Karoline - meaning herself - again and she had history with Alpha in any way.
The Alpha is still a mystery. Whatt went wrong?

- An imprint didn't work?
- Topher srewed up his first doll?
- Topher tried to imprint himself into a doll?
- Alpha remembered all imprints he had so far?
- Alphas brain was incompatible for imprinting?
- The imprints of Alpha and Echo concluded to a chain reaction?

I hope we find out in more than just two eps yikes



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best ep so far!  truly hope they renew it

if the apocalypse comes.... beep me!


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I would even assume that Alpha was in fact the designer of the Dollhouse. Someone the company hired to build the very first Dollhouse and they decided to repay him by wiping his mind and making him the first doll. But his mind being what it is (i.e. genius, otherwise he'd be unable to design Dollhouse's systems) he started keeping some of the imprints, i.e. the wipes did not work. Until he learned what happened to him, snapped and went on the rampage. However, I have no idea how Echo/Caroline plays into all this.

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Aaaahm... Marco, did ya mean the building the Dollhouse is in? with all that low engergy stuff? Cause if that's whatcha mean, remember this: during the Ep they found that body in Tuson(?), whose ID Alpha assumed then. It was noted in a "oh, btw, the body that was found: environmental engineer..."

I got no theory whatsoever at this moment.... but I'll come up with something, maybe even tomorrow in class ;-)


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Man that was thrilling! I did not see that one coming, way to trick me thinking he was a scared little nutjob.
Heh, always thought of him as the retard he played in Firefly, so this was a nice change, and like karenbear said, he sure had some more bodymass, i noticed that myself.