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So for all that watch Bones... How awesome was the end of the last episode?!?!  Bones and Booth... Its on! ... A wee bit off topic there, but meh.

Apparently the season premiere , and i quote ' Promises to be Bones' biggest episode yet, bigger than the one with the kiss.'

They are shooting in england for the two hour premiere. Yeah!! No news on the story line as of yet though (Oh if ya didn't know.. Its been renewed for season 4..)

Apparently there are a bunch of foreign locations that could be filmed.

Unfortunatly there are only going to be 20 eps instead of the usual 22.

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I can't wait big_smile Not that I have a choice..

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We think Bones is great.. But would be even better if they got rid of Dr Sweets!

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Read somewhere thwere are to be 26 episodes this season? Anyone remeber whether this is right?

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i'm going to eat your brains and gain your memories...