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Thoughts people?

personally i was a bit let down, it was a good episode, but as a finale....

loved Shane's 'snakes on a plane' speech... absolutely priceless....

was happy to see Peter out of the picture.

BUT... one 'small' thing killed it for me..... How the frakk did Silas get the combo for the safe... i was dubious enough about him knowing where the growhouse was, but justified that with him just being a sneaky bastard.... but given the placement of the safe, there's no way he could spy from outside.... it just doesn't add up... if anybody can mke this make sense to me i would be so happy...

also... the end with Celia pulling up in the police car to nab Silas... felt a bit forced...

all in all a good season of a great show...

bring on season 3

i'm going to eat your brains and gain your memories...

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Re: Season 2 Finale

I had the same thought about the combination thing. but remember the cut to shane opening his locker right after nancy locked the safe for the first time? (sorry, can't be bothered to look up the exact episode) I thought back then that maybe she might have used some old locker combination... or a number with meaning to her and her family. but I'm quite set on the locker combination idea... I guess we'll find out.
speaking of which: is it confirmed that there will be a third season?

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Re: Season 2 Finale

_mccutcheon wrote:

speaking of which: is it confirmed that there will be a third season?

Found this in an interview with Jenji Kohan here:

TVGuide.com: When might we hear about a Season 3 pickup?
Kohan: There's buzz about an announcement coming around the finale, but you never know with Showtime. They really keep us guessing.

TVGuide.com: Is everybody still on contract?
Kohan: Our cast is all under contract.

Sounds promising big_smile

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Re: Season 2 Finale

Never was really into Mary-L Parker's character but that scene when she sees the "Drug Free Zone" sign in the safe... Of all the things she could've said, that "Oh no, not today..." was simply... priceless.

Thanks to the writing and her incredible expression on that one. I admit I can watch that tiny scene a few times without getting bored. smile

Ok... now that's something.... I made a typo in my username... should be a "n" somewhere... ah yes...