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Who else is really excited about the new season of house????



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me smile Always loved it



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Me too!!  Especially considering the way the last season ended.  Brilliant episode!

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Extremly excited big_smile

Love House's attitude and the way he treats others big_smile


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cant decide whether i'm gonna stock it..... or watch it week-by-week.... prolly end up watching as it hasn't got 'many' cliffhanger endings during the season

tis a very cool series tho


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still watching season 1. some 10 eps to go. Butt stil exited. Even when there is not really a storyline going on. Except the fact that you get to know the characters bit by bit, really bit....by....bit.


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yea.... i wish there was more storyline in the eps....it does unfold very nicely tho


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i would love to see season three open like the end of s2 didn't happen then have a [slow] reveal as to what happened [went wrong]... obviously they can't cure the man of his ailments... they are what make him so special... needless to say... waiting with baited breath...

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