Topic: Season 8 Promo


what do people think about adding courtney cox to the roster?
tbh i dont like her that much and think it might ruin it a little
the last few series might not have been great, but i didnt think they got anoying to watch

"city morgue, you kill em, we chill em"


Re: Season 8 Promo

Nice.. haven't seen Courtney in much since Friends.. This could be interesting..
But what's with the beard on Braff? Tired of being called by girls names?


Re: Season 8 Promo

i wantz scrubs, don't care who, don't care how many hair, just want scrubs and janitor and the todd.



Re: Season 8 Promo

Cox wasn't too bad in friends... she never seemed afraid of making a fool of herself..... should fit right in in scrubs