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My friend told me that the show is cancelled. Can somebody comfirm this for me? I really like that show. Thanks. smile

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piloe wrote:

Read on tv.com something about after the wintergames can anyone confirme this?

This is what I wrote in the other topic. But I'm not sure if its true.. so lets hope its not cancelled. sad

edit: http://www.tv.com/joey/show/20952/when- … /msgs.html

2 march it is? :x


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Episode 15 just aired on a norwegian tv channel.. They are the first to air this ep.. they are showing it before USA.. smile U can download the ep @ bitmetv.org but its hardcoded norwegian subs..
They are going to air the other eps as well on the norwegian tv channel, TV2..
Norway <3 big_smile ^^



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Well second season aired till the end in Norway, doubt there will be third :'(


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Hope not smile Although I must admit, it was funny at times smile


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i found all left episodes (15 - 22) of the 2nd season at mininova. but the show is definitly cancelled. the left shows are probably going on air as fill-ins. sorry guys ...