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The series is fine ... The first episodes of the new season are awesome.

The very last though (05) was a bit lame.

The replicators are always a cool enemy, but why did they have to bring them back in the show in such a retarded way?

SG-1 destroyed all the replicators, so now we have a new form of replicators spawned in a totally different way and in another galaxy. Ah yeah, and they have exactly the same abilities/behaviour as the previous replicators. Nicely done ...

I hope we'll at least see the replicators in their previous form (spider like) which was way cooler then the human form they're using lately ...

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Couldn't agree more!  Episode 4 was amazing, but this... eh.  It wasn't *bad* as such, but it wasn't great.

I enjoyed the team interaction in this one - they're definitely getting better at that this year, but as a new enemy these replicators are a bit boring and bland.  I miss those little spider guys - at least they seemed more threatening.

Although I am intrigued by how they're going to connect the replicators in Pegasus with the ones in the Milky Way.  If they're even going to try.  I mean, the spider guys were created because of the android Reese - how is she related to these replicators, who were obviously created first?  Was she created by an Ancient who went back to Earth - kind of like a second generation model?  Guess we'll just have to wait until the next episode they're in.

I was really looking forward to this episode too.  Ah well.  It was still better than the SG-1 episode!!

Re: Disappointed ... a little

I thought episode 5 was great of atlantis a cool new enemy that imitates the ancients thats cool just look at the city they build it wuld be awesome if we could get our hands on that and thought it was cool to see the city fly decently not like the first episode of the first season you only got o see a little bit of it. 

But i think there needs to be more wraith fights only a few episodes of each season has to do with the wraith when SG1 started you got to see the goa'uld every third or fourth episode.  But after the cross over episode of SG1 to atlantis there should be alot more of them becuase that was a awesome episode

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Always superb.

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