Topic: feature request - search by imdb no

Would it be possible to have search engines search by imdb no?
in search engine maybe something like #iimbd_no# as the variable instead of #show_name#.

or have the imdb no presented along with show/movie name.

It would be great mostly with movies, where there are lots of similar names to get the exact result.



Re: feature request - search by imdb no

Which search engine / website would this be useful for?

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Re: feature request - search by imdb no

Search by title is good for 90% of stuff.
I have issues when there are lots of different movies with the same title
torrentgalaxy is the main one

For example if I search Kungfu Panda 4 by title in torrent galaxy (I like to sort by size).

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I get many results that include things that aren't Kung fu Panda 4   

If I search by imdb No, I  ONLY get the results I want.

[link removed by santah]

This only returns Kung Fu Panda4

"The Killers"  is another example where there are many different results returned.

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Thanks for looking smile


Re: feature request - search by imdb no

Ok got it.

Sorry, but I had to remove the torrent links.

I'll consider it, but it's not very likely it'll happen soon!